Ruishan is a fifth grader at Broadway Elementary School. Her favorite subjects in school are math, art, science, and social studies, and she plans to learn French, Algebra 1, and equestrian in sixth grade next year. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, drawing, playing tennis and table tennis, and solving math problems.

I.C.E.A. Volunteer Experience:

  • [2021] ICEA Global AirLearning Program as a host, an admin and a slides reviewer.


Olivia is a 5th grader at Broadway Elementary School. In her free time, she likes doing math, piano, debate, reading, and ballet. She also likes coding, and plans to learn tennis and latin next year.

Hao Lin

Hao Lin is a 6th grader at Manhattan Beach Middle School, he is passionate about math. Hao has participated in multiple contests. He won the first place in Manhattan beach whole district elementary Math Olympiad individual competition. In addition, he is the only one who finished 30 minutes test in 13 minutes and got full Score.  Hao loves math and loves to share with his friends, he is willing to help more kids to love math.


Alicia is a current fifth-grader at Robinson Elementary School and was elected as President of the Student Council of the school. She has a wide range of hobbies and interests in reading, writing, music and sports. She loves to play piano and do challenging math problems in her free time. She has achieved a perfect score in the math kangaroo contest this year. Additionally, she is a professional ice skater, as well as a proud midfield soccer player at the Sand and Surf Soccer Club. She is also interested in computer coding and science. She has been actively participating in the ICEA Global Air Learning program and is eager to volunteer to make her contribution.

I.C.E.A. Volunteer Experience:

  1. Global Air Learning host
  2. Global Air Learning admin
  3. Global Air Learning presenter
  4. Global Air Learning coordinator
  5. Math kangaroo 1-2 grade preparation class teacher
  6. I.C.E.A Math Club member and secretary


William is an 8th grader at Manhattan Beach Middle School. He likes reading and doing competition math in his spare time. He is ranked 7th in California state-wise in the Mathcounts competition this year, and has led the Manhattan Beach Middle School MathCounts Team to the state competition twice. He has achieved Honor Roll of Distinction (top 1% nationwide) on the AMC10 contest and made into AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination) twice. He has also achieved perfect score on the AMC8 contest and the Math Kangaroo contest.

He masters multiple computer programming languages. He is also a green belt taekwondo student and is proficient at playing tennis. He has been presenting and acting as an admin in the ICEA Global Air Learning program. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and dedication with the ICEA community.

I.C.E.A. Volunteer Experience:


Felix is a 4th grader from Broadway elementary. He uses his spare time to read and write, and enjoys math, puzzles, chess, swimming and playing the piano. As a member of the ICEA children’s chess club, as well as the children’s musical troupe, Felix loves to help in the community activities of ICEA, including working as a teaching assistant, activity planner, web page manager, poster designer and making youtube educational videos.