Stephen Chen

Stephen Chen, currently a sophomore and he is interested in STEM topics. He likes coding very much, specialized in coding in HTML/CSS/JavaScript for web development and C/C++ for algorithmic studies or data analysis. He is experienced with web development as well as algorithmic coding. He individually developed his personal website, as well as two different versions of a game called Mafia inspired by his friends. He is excited to meet and work with other people.

I.C.E.A. Volunteer Experience:

  • [2021] Global AirLearning Website Development
  • [2021] Global AirLearning Host


Felix is a 4th grader from Broadway elementary. He uses his spare time to read and write, and enjoys math, puzzles, chess, swimming and playing the piano. As a member of the ICEA children’s chess club, as well as the children’s musical troupe, Felix loves to help in the community activities of ICEA, including working as a teaching assistant, activity planner, web page manager, poster designer and making youtube educational videos.