Kevin Zhang

Kevin is a 5th grader at Jing Mei Elementary School, he is a national winner of Math Kangaroo Competition and he is a member of ICEA Math Club. In his free time, he likes doing math, music, reading, writing and Badminton. His favorite subjects at school are math, writing, science, and language arts.

I.C.E.A. Volunteer Experience:


William is an 8th grader at Manhattan Beach Middle School. He likes reading and doing competition math in his spare time. He is ranked 7th in California state-wise in the Mathcounts competition this year, and has led the Manhattan Beach Middle School MathCounts Team to the state competition twice. He has achieved Honor Roll of Distinction (top 1% nationwide) on the AMC10 contest and made into AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination) twice. He has also achieved perfect score on the AMC8 contest and the Math Kangaroo contest.

He masters multiple computer programming languages. He is also a green belt taekwondo student and is proficient at playing tennis. He has been presenting and acting as an admin in the ICEA Global Air Learning program. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and dedication with the ICEA community.

I.C.E.A. Volunteer Experience:


He began his volunteering journey at the young age of 7. He founded the ICEA Math and Chess clubs, as well as the program. Due to his tireless efforts, he received the Gold President Volunteer Award for four consecutive years since 2019. Felix has been admitted to Windward School’s Class of 2029 as a rising 7th grader. Through his immersive volunteering, he has become an experienced math and chess teacher, having taught over 100 students. He also trains other kids to excel in various areas, showcasing his leadership skills. Felix achieved a perfect score and received the 2023 AMC 8 Honor Roll of Distinction and he is an AIME qualifier in 2024. Additionally, he has authored three books on his favorite topics. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, running, math, puzzles, chess, swimming, and playing the piano.

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Books Felix Published:

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Athletic Achievements:

  • Top 5 Middle School 2-mile Cross Country in 2023 season
  • 1st U12 Run Malibu Half-Marathon Finisher. (Placed 8 in M/19 & Under)
  • Pacific Basin League 2023-2024 Boys’ Swimming 25 Breaststroke 1st Place
  • Pacific Basin League 2023-2024 Boys’ Swimming 100 IM 3rd Place
  • Pacific Basin League 2023-2024 Boys’ Swimming 100 Medley Relay 3rd Place
  • Pacific Basin League 2022-2023 Boys’ Track & Field 4 x 100 6th Grade Relay 3rd Place
  • Pacific Basin League 2022-2023 Boys’ Track & Field 800 Meter Run 3rd Place
  • Pacific Basin League 2022-2023 Boys’ Track & Field 60 Meter Dash 6th Grade Relay 3rd Place