About ICEA

International Children Education Association (ICEA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preparing all school-aged children to live in a rapidly changing multicultural society. We do this through kids’ incubation programs, enrichment programs, culture events, charity activities and provide volunteer opportunities for kids and their families.


Our mission is to help families raise their children who value and pursue leadership ability, vibrant and positive personalities, self confidence, and academic excellence. To support those goals, we provide services,  both in-person and online.


We offer the following services to our registered members:

  • Incubator For Kids. This program builds entrepreneurship and leadership skills. Kids run non-profit businesses for other kids. We provide training, as well as technical,  financial and marketing support.

  • Enrichment Programs. We partner with teachers who deliver courses designed to inspire, promote student involvement, and strengthen the foundation of academic knowledge.

  • Cultural Events. We celebrate holidays and festivals of all kinds, exposing children to diverse cultures and honoring their families’ legacies.

  • Charity Activities. We promote unity, patriotism, and compassion. We encourage our children to care for the environment, to reach out to those in need, and to build stronger communities. We organize family-based environmental clean-up events, charity performances and donations, fundraising, and other socially beneficial activities.

  • Volunteer Opportunities. Students build character through community service. We offer volunteer opportunities to qualified students in the 4th grade and above. Here are some of the opportunities available:

    • Videographer. Some of our classes or events are photographed and video-recorded, so they can be shared with other children or families who might be interested in similar activities. We train volunteers to use cameras and camcorders.
    • Video Editors. Volunteers help to edit photographs and videos. Editing often allows for fun and creativity. For example, the editor might add scripts of background music to the videos. We provide training on how to edit and how to use the software.
    • Event Coordinators. At least 20% of the planning board members for each event are young volunteers. They participate in assist in decision-making and communicate with younger participants.
    • News Reporters and Columnists. Volunteers, including students, write newsletters for each of our events and class series.
    • Tutors. Younger children need help with homework. Older students serve as counselors and coaches for younger children, sharing their knowledge of academic subjects and the wisdom of an older child’s perspective. Of course, tutoring also benefits the older students, who learn how to communicate ideas and to encourage. Such interaction builds bonds in our community. We provide rooms where high school students help with tutoring, problem-solving, model-building and coding.

Volunteer Awards

ICEA participates in The President’s Service Volunteer Awards Program (PSVA) as a Certifying Organization. The PSVA offers gratitude and recognition to U.S. citizens and permanent residents who live lives of services. Recognizing the great work of our volunteers delivers a powerful message that encourages others to get involved.


Hours Required to Earn Awards in Each Age Group
Age Group Bronze Silver Gold
Kids (5–10 years old) 26–49 hours 50–74 hours 75+ hours
Teens (11–15) 50–74 hours 75–99 hours 100+ hours
Young Adults (16–25) 100–174 hours 175–249 hours 250+ hours
Adults (26+) 100–249 hours 250–499 hours 500+ hours


Meet some of our ICEA Star Volunteers.