Math Kangaroo Training Camp

Mathematical Kangaroo is an international mathematical competition where over 50 countries are represented. There are twelve levels of participation, ranging from grade 1 to grade 12. The competition is held annually on the third Thursday of March. According to the organizers, the key competence tested by Mathematical Kangaroo is logical combination, not just pure knowledge of formulas.

The training camp is not only to help kids who have enrolled this international mathematical competition (it is usually by the end of prior year), but also help them to develop problem analysis solving skills on word problems and to have more fun from math.

The schedule of training camp usually starts from January to the week prior to Math Kangaroo Competition date.

Please join the ICEA membership to get the schedule and notification ahead.

2019: we have 6 campers enrolled 2019 Math Kangaroo Competition, all of them became the national winners of 2019.  (2019 National Winner Result)

2020: Training Camp Video (2020 Math Kangaroo Competition is postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak)

Update: 2020 Math Kangaroo is changed to online test due to continuous COVID-19 quarantine.

Following are the schedule,  ICEA provides some free online practice for the past Math Kangaroo exams, the format is not exactly the same as what you will test with official Math Kangaroo 2020 online testing, but that might be a good chance to help your kids to get familiar to exams with an online format.

2021: ICEA Math Club hosted the Math Kangaroo Preparation for L1-L2 & L3-L6 students to help them improve the word problem solving skills and be ready for the Math Kangaroo Competition. In 2021, the ICEA Math Kangaroo Competition Test Center is still online due to pandemic. About 50 students participated our preparation programs and registered our testing center for the competition. 15 students won the national winners.

2020 National Winners

Level Name National Ranking State Ranking MK Official Result Link
1 Hannah Zhu 12 11 Reference
2 Jerry Zhang 14 14 Reference
3 Felix Guo 1 1 Reference
3 Kaiti Fang 8 8 Reference
3 Bethany Chiu 11 11 Reference
3 Darren Guo 13 13 Reference
4 Olivia Zhu 1 1 Reference
4 Ruishan Liang 1 1 Reference
4 Matthew Yang 7 7 Reference
4 Christopher Jiang 10 10 Reference
4 Estella Jia 17 17 Reference
5 Daniel Sun 19 19 Reference

2021 National Winners

Level Name National Ranking State Ranking MK Official Result Link
1 Dominic Chang 12 Reference
1 Miana Guo 1 Reference
1 TAJE TRIMMING 17 Reference
2 Alvin Cheng 12 Reference
2 Angie Lu 9 Reference
2 Michael Li 13 Reference
2 Tianrui Xi 10 Reference
2 Yiyou Wang 12 Reference
3 Jerry Zhang 3 Reference
3 SaiTheja Gubendran 14 Reference
4 Bethany Chiu 14 Reference
4 Felix Guo 4 Reference
4 Kevin Zhang 9 Reference
4 Patrick Liang 1 Reference
5 Christopher Jiang 20 Reference