Alicia is a current fifth-grader at Robinson Elementary School and was elected as President of the Student Council of the school. She has a wide range of hobbies and interests in reading, writing, music and sports. She loves to play piano and do challenging math problems in her free time. She has achieved a perfect score in the math kangaroo contest this year. Additionally, she is a professional ice skater, as well as a proud midfield soccer player at the Sand and Surf Soccer Club. She is also interested in computer coding and science. She has been actively participating in the ICEA Global Air Learning program and is eager to volunteer to make her contribution.

I.C.E.A. Volunteer Experience:

  1. Global Air Learning host
  2. Global Air Learning admin
  3. Global Air Learning presenter
  4. Global Air Learning coordinator
  5. Math kangaroo 1-2 grade preparation class teacher
  6. I.C.E.A Math Club member and secretary