Kid Art Class

Why kids learn Art:

  • It improves their coordination and fine motor.
  • It helps them express themselves .
  • It makes them more creative and productive.
  • It helps them develop other skills.
  • It inspires them to think critically.
  • It helps them socialize.

Teacher Bio:

Ms. Peiya has been painting since early childhood and is of the opinion that exposure to art is an invaluable part of a well-rounded education. In 2012 she founded a popular art studio at two separate locations in Shanghai for kids between the ages of 3 and 18 years old. Over 400 hundreds students enrolled per semester which required her training new teachers as well as create tailored classes for the various student groups. Every year, many kids that attend her studios do very well in art competitions. In her classes, encouraging kids to observe and think about what to create is what she regards as one of the most important lessons to pass along while also improve their painting skills by teaching a wide variety of painting methods and an ability to use a lot of different materials.