Gavin Cheung

Gavin is an 8th grader at The Science Academy with a passion for mathematics that began at a very young age. He started learning the abacus at the age of 6, achieving Level 2 in mental abacus and Level 4 in the physical use of the abacus. Additionally, Gavin began playing the piano at the age of 5 and has continued to do so, now advancing to Level 10 of the Certificate of Merit. Furthermore, Gavin developed a strong interest in programming and robotics early on, leading him to start robotics in the 4th grade. His dedication has paid off, as he has qualified for the world championships twice. Currently, Gavin serves as the team leader for his robotics team, Supernova Glitch, which has qualified for the state competition. They are diligently working towards earning a spot in the world qualifications for the year 2024

I.C.E.A. Volunteer Experience:

  • [2024] Math Kangaroo Training Camp Coach Assistant

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