Mulan Music Festival

With breathtaking choreography, powerful vocals, and a thrilling score, “Mulan Music Festival” will transport you to ancient China and leave you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss your chance to witness these young performers bring this timeless tale of bravery and honor to life on stage and witness this incredible celebration of Chinese culture and tradition. Get your tickets now and join us on this unforgettable journey with Mulan!

15 Days of Giving

ICEA (International Children Education Association) is now offering all classes between 4/16 to 4/30 for free.

If you are not an ICEA member yet, you can join now for free, NO premium membership fee is required to participate this event.

We will need a little help from you, please help us to spread the word to your friends:

  1. If you have a WeChat account, please share this post to your WeChat Moment.
  2. Or you can share this post to any of your favorite social media.

And email us ( to get the class links. Please note that some classes might have limited spaces which will be subject to a first-come-first-serve.

(Note: Minecraft classes are canceled due to a school schedule conflict)

Global AirLearning

“Global AirLearning” is a free weekly program to empower kids to speak in public to share their knowledge, lives, experience, languages with a variety of interesting topics designed by kids to other kids all over the world and meanwhile to build a fun and safe learning environment for children and their families all over the world, and provide training and volunteering opportunities for them.