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About ICEA Chess Club

ICEA Kids Chess Club is an incubator for kids who love and have passions for chess, to help kids achieve their flaring “chess king” dream. In joining the Club, your kids will grow, 

    • by learning chess knowledge, enhancing chess strategies and tactics from beginner to advanced;
    • by playing chess, improving their concentration, memory skill and academic performance; 
    • by excising intellectual gymnastics, improving their thinking, analytical power and decision making ability;
    • by organizing and teaching chess class, improving their speaking and communication skill, self-confidence and leadership;  
    • last but not the least, by having fun in chess paradise, harvesting friendship, success and happiness.

ICEA儿童国际象棋俱乐部是一个为热爱国际象棋的孩子们提供的成长孵化器,以帮助他们追逐并实现其飞扬的“国际象棋王”的梦想。 ICEA儿童国际象棋俱乐部致力于打造一个属于孩子们自己的国际象棋乐园!加入ICEA儿童国际象棋俱乐部,您的孩子将会得到如下成长:

    • 通过学习国际象棋知识,提高国际象棋战略战术,从初级进阶到高级棋手;
    • 通过学习国际象棋,培养他们的专注力、记忆力,从而促进其学术进步;
    • 通过操练“智力体操”,开发其思维能力、分析能力和决策能力;
    • 通过组织和教授国际象棋课,提高其组织能力、口头表达和沟通能力,增强自信并提高领导力;
    • 更重要的是,通过在玩中学,收获友谊、成功和幸福。

How can the Club achieve the goals?

The Club provides two different kinds of chess classes and different chess activities and tournaments. Now the club hosts a weekly online chess tournament among the club members and host a monthly USCF rated chess tournament for all the chess players.

As an incubator, the club provides opportunities for club members to become a chess teacher. The club runs a class only by kids themselves, kids teach kids, kids learn from kids.  For those who are chess beginners, you are welcome to join this class. When your kids grow up to  a little chess experts, they may apply for a club chess coach, and the club will provide free hands-on-hands training for those who want to become a chess coach. And all the kid coaches  will get paid in terms of their knowledge and contribution. By doing this, all the kids will grow in different aspects.

For those kids who are already good at chess and dream to become a chess grandmaster, they are welcome to join our WGM chess class, which provides kids more advanced chess strategies and tactics.  But, you are not only a chess student in our Club, you can be a chess coach as well if you like and the Club will provide you free hands-on-hands training to become a chess coach!

Join ICEA Kids Chess Club!  For the love of chess; for the love of kids, for the love of life !

Join us! You will grow to be yourself! 

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该俱乐部提供两种不同的国际象棋班以及丰富多彩的国际象棋活动和国际象棋锦标赛。 为增强孩子们学习国际象棋的兴趣和成就感,目前俱乐部提供从易到难的国际象棋解谜,每日一题;而且在俱乐部成员之间,每个星期举办一次线上国际象棋锦标赛。另外,俱乐部每月举办有USCF积分的正式国际象棋锦标赛,并对所有国际象棋选手开放。获得金银铜奖牌的前三名选手,不仅可以提高其全美认可的USCF积分,还将获得俱乐部颁发的相应奖金。

作为一个致力于为孩子提供成长机会的孵化器,俱乐部最大的特色是为俱乐部会员提供成为国际象棋小老师和小教练的机会。 成为俱乐部会员,您的孩子将有可能在俱乐部平台下开设自己的国际象棋课程,通过孩子教授孩子,孩子向孩子学习,真正创造孩子们之间互动和不断成长的机会。 对于那些是国际象棋初学者的孩子,我们欢迎您参加此课程。当您的孩子通过学习并逐渐成为一名国际象棋小专家时,他们就有机会申请俱乐部国际象棋课的小老师和小教练,而俱乐部将为想要成为国际象棋课小老师和小教练的孩子们免费提供手把手的培训,直到成长为一名合格的儿童国际象棋课小老师。并且所有的小老师和小教练都将因为教授国际象棋知识而获得相应报酬。 我们相信,在ICEA儿童囯际象棋俱乐部中,所有的孩子都将在不同的方面得到成长,从而成就更好的自己。




How to join us

Club Council

President: Felix, 5th grader

Felix is a 5th grader at Broadway Elementary School in Los Angeles. He was recommended to learn Chess by his piano teacher in order to keep him being focused when he was 8 years old. He started learning Chess from Coach Atousa (WGM) and currently is a student of Melikset Khachiyan (GM). He started to play USCF rated tournament online since pandemic in 2020. He started his first OTB tournament in International Youth Championship in 2021 Las Vegas Chess Festival. Felix got the 2nd place in 14-Under Section. Since then, he also won the 2nd place in the 2021 Las Vegas Open U1600 and won the 4th place in the 56th Annual American Open U1800. He is a USChess top 50 player of age 10 group. He is the admin of a club with over 120+ members (ICEA Kid’s Chess Club on He has a passion for teaching chess to other kids to share his learning experience. Besides teaching chess, he also teaches math and contributes his time to other ICEA programs (Check Here for more details). He is the co-founder of Global AirLearning program to train other kids to speak in public to share happiness and friendship as well as their knowledges. 

Vice President: Alan, 3rd grader

Alan is 8 years old, a 3rd grader at Durham Academy in Durham, NC. He is passionate  and obsessed with chess beyond liking.  His dream is to become a chess grandmaster. Alan has been learning chess for over one year. He met Felix by joining Felix’s chess class. It is chess which ignites their friendship. Two chess-lovers decided to run this club together in order to serve more chess kids, playing and learning chess with more kids and growing together with each other. Currently Alan is a top 50 player of age 8 group. You can meet Alan on,, and more. Alan likes reading, drawing, playing piano, swimming and running. His “famous” word is that chess helps his math, reading, piano and everything in him.

Coach & Tournament Director: Farirai Gumbe (FA, NI)

  • Mr. Fari is a Certified FIDE Arbiter and National Instructor. He attained both titles in 2014 and participated in a 3 day Online refresher course in 2020 lead by US Chess team captains IM Donaldson and GM Melikset.
  • He has 10 years coaching experience as National Youth coach for Zimbabwe from 2009- 2015.
  • As a player, he has played chess in 4 different countries, participated in the World OPEN July 2019 in Philadelphia.
  • His students have attained chess titles in International Youth Championships and at the World Chess Olympiad in the Women’s category.
  • He has a passion for teaching chess and developing young players, I hope to share the knowledge and skills I have gained over the years.

Coach: Raghav Srivathsav V

  • Raghav has been playing chess since the age of 9.
  • He has stood on top in many tournaments in India and other countries.
  • He has dedicated himself to professional chess for more than 10 years.
  • He created a Guinness World Record in backwards spelling at the age of six, and 5 Limca World Records in Blindfolded Chess at the age of twelve.
  • He has been guiding many players for the past few years and has experience in teaching kids from the age of 5. His aim is to make the player enhance their level of play and also play comfortably.

Coach: Jonathan Chen (FM)

Jonathan Chen, a 8th grader at Chaparral Middle School, is two times US National Grade Champion, FIDE (International Chess Federation) Master and US National Master. He loves music and history and likes to share his Chess knowledges with other kids.

Coach: Atousa Pourkashiyan (WGM)

Atousa, a Women Grand Master and a world champion, has been teaching Chess for ICEA Chess Club for more than 2 years, and more than 60 students in ICEA Chess Club has learnt Chess from Atousa.

  • She began playing chess at the age of 8.
  • In 1999, she won the Asian youth championship in India.
  • In 2000, she got gold medal in world youth championship in Spain.
  • She became a woman international master (Slovenia-2000) at the age of 14.
  • She won a bronze medal in Asian Games (Qatar 2006) at the age of 18,.
  • She became a Woman Grand Master in chess Olympiad (Germany-2008).
  • In 2010, she won Asian Championship in Philippines and qualified for world cup in Russia.
  • In 2014, she became the second in Asian Championship in Emirates.
  • In 2016, she got a bronze medal in Asian Championship (Blitz).

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