Math Word Problem Solving [Grade 1 – Grade 2]

Class Instruction

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Class Description

  • We will expand our knowledge about math together!
  • We will help prepare for the Math Kangaroo competition!
  • We will teach classes about various subjects!
  • We will provide free practice problems and homework!
  • We will provide a free practice worksheet every week after the class until the contest!

Targeted Grade: 1 – 2

Supplies to Prepare

  • pencils
  • paper


Week 1: 2022-1-23

Week 2: 2022-1-30

Week 3: 2022-2-6

Week 4: 2022-2-13

Week 5: 2022-2-20

Week 6: 2022-2-27

Week 7: 2022-3-6

Week 8: 2022-3-13 (Mock Test)

Price: $80 / 8 classes 



  1. The online instruction will be sent out after booking.
  2. All registration is not refundable.
  3. No makeups will be provided.
  4. Math Kangaroo 2022 registration is not required for booking this class, but highly recommended.

Grade 1 – 2 Instructor Dedian:

Dedian, graduated from Institute of Mathematics, Fudan University and USC Viterbi School of Engineering in Computer Science. He is passionate about kids math education (such as hosting Math Kangaroo Training Camp for kids who love math) and volunteering to coach kids who participate I.C.E.A. Incubator for Kids programs.

Grade 1-2 Teacher Assistant Felix:

Felix is a current 5th grader from Broadway elementary. He uses his spare time to read and write, and enjoys math, puzzles, chess, swimming and playing the piano. He won National BeeStar Competition Gold Medals (overall ranking the 1st in Fall 2019 and the 2nd in Spring 2020) and is a rank #1 national winner of Math Kangaroo Competitions. Besides Math, he is teaching the Chess and running ICEA children’s chess club with 120+ members. He is a USChess top 100 player of age 10 group. he likes reading and writing, and published two books, and he is also the teacher assistant of a bunch of writing classes. He is also the founder of weekly free program to help other kids to speak in public. 


Grade 1-2 Teacher Assistant Kevin:

Kevin is a 5th grader at Jing Mei Elementary School, he is a national winner of Math Kangaroo Competition and he is a member of ICEA Math Club. In his free time, he likes doing math, music, reading, writing and Badminton. His favorite subjects at school are math, writing, science, and language arts.


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