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We provide one complimentary trial lesson to every new member who is interested in joining the ICEA Math group lessons for Grade 1 to Grade 4.



ICEA Math offers an engaging and interactive learning experience designed to enhance grade 1 – grade 4 students’ mathematical skills and foster a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

Through a combination of fun activities, hands-on exercises, and problem-solving challenges, students will explore various topics in mathematics, including number sense, operations, geometry, measurement, patterns, and more. Our experienced instructors provide a supportive and stimulating environment where students can actively participate in math problems we designed, ask questions, and develop their critical thinking abilities.

We emphasize building a solid foundation of mathematical knowledge and nurturing a love for problem-solving.

Date / Time: 

You can choose any one of the Sundays @4:15pm – 5:45pm PT (Between 9/10/2023 and 12/10/2023)


  • 4117 Overland Ave,  Culver City 90230

About Teacher Ms. Youhyun (Grade 3-4):

Youhyun, the founder of Elite STEM Academy, is a professional tutor with a fervent interest in education and empowering young minds. Growing up as a third-culture child in Korea and China, she earned an IB Diploma with honors and a B.S. in Biochemistry from UCLA. She began tutoring at the age of 16, and as an AIME qualifier, she took on the responsibility of guiding younger students in math competitions. Youhyun possesses a natural talent for teaching and has always been passionate about assisting students in developing the self-assurance and problem-solving abilities required for success. Having taught hundreds of students worldwide by the age of 27, she has devoted most of her life to supporting children through education. She speaks English, Korean, and Mandarin.


About Teacher Felix (Grade 1 – 2):


Felix is a rising 7th grader from Windward School. He has been teaching Math & Chess classes since 2021. He has instructed more than 60 kids in math and more than 10 students got national winner awards. He is the founder and president of ICEA Chess and also the founder of weekly free program to help other kids to speak in public. He received 2023 AMC 8 Math Competition Honor Roll of Distinction with a perfect score.


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