[Free Trial] Introduction To Algebra – A

Class Instruction

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We are providing a free trial class for the first class of Intro To Algebra (A).

(This class is designed for 7th and 8th graders, as well as strong 6th graders who have completed a pre-algebra course.)


Class Description

Algebra serves as a foundation for learning about mathematics and it is one of the most important topics in AMC 10. This class brings together advanced problem solvers for 60-minute classes twice a week. The course covers expressions, exponents and radicals, linear equations and inequalities, multiple variables, ratio and proportion, factoring quadratics, complex numbers and the quadratic formula.

The course focuses on the interconnections between the various Algebra topics contained in the course syllabus and how each contributes to problem-solving. Problem solving techniques and strategies are fine-tuned throughout the course, and students are continually tasked with connecting Algebra concepts learned in different units in order to synthesize solutions to complex problems. The emphasis on comprehension, critical thinking and problem solving makes this class fun yet challenging. Students must be strong in Arithmetic and problem solving to be successful in this course.


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