Physics 101 For Kids

The physics 101 for kids to help kids learn physics hands-on experiments/projects with Dr. Jia, a scientist at the UCLA Earth, Department of Planetary and Space Sciences.

Your kids will have science fair and prepare your presentation with your team member at the end of session.

Course Description

Seeking for the ultimate laws of the universe, physics is always the source of new technology and fictions. In this series we introduce simple projects with household materials to illustrate these fundamental laws, and the newest frontiers of human exploration.


  • To enjoy physics tricks in your backyard
  • Have fun show and tell
  • Introduction to magnetism, electricity, and light

Each topic item is divided into two classes, targeted at age groups of A: 5~7 and B: 8~12, to inspire different level of discussions.

  • Physics level 1
    • Electrostatics: the hair, the balloon, the film, and the pitch
    • Electric currents: simplest circle, voltage, current, resistor, (capacitor to semiconductor)
    • Magnet force games: (Compass, iron powder), Gauss gun, (alumnum)
    • Electromagnetism: spinners and trains, (Curie temperature)
  • Group Presentation week
  • Physics Level 2
    • Electromagnetism and dynamos: the drop,
    • Colors, infrared, and illusion
    • Lenses, deflection, reflection: observe the exhaust pipe, spoon, laser (laser show, death star to laser engraver)
    • Energy: review, temperature, weight, momentum, dissipation, conservation: the ion engine
  • Show and tell week

Main Lecturer:

Dr. Jia,  Ph.D. in Space Physics, University of Michigan. Now a researcher at the UCLA Earth, Department of Planetary and Space Sciences. The main research direction at present: the interaction between comet and solar wind.

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