Public Speaking and Debate

Class Instruction

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Class Description

This course is designed to teach students the skills necessary to become effective public speakers and fundamentals of debate, including research, argumentation, and critical thinking. Students will learn how to research and present arguments, speak confidently and persuasively, and engage in respectful and effective debate. Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to develop and refine their speaking and debating skills through various assignments and activities.

Recommended Grade: 4th – 7th Grade

Course Objectives:

  • Develop confidence in speaking in public
  • Improve critical thinking and analysis skills
  • Enhance research skills and ability to find credible sources
  • Develop effective argumentation and persuasive speaking techniques
  • Develop respectful and collaborative communication and team building skills
  • Build a competition team for future competitions for debates

Format: 6 online sessions + 3 in-person sessions


Price: $250 / 9 classes 


  1. The online zoom information and in-person class location will be sent out after booking.
  2. All registration is not refundable.
  3. No makeups will be provided. If you missed a class, we will share the class recording with you.

About Coach Ms. Sally Chung:

Sally is a Program Controller for F-35 at Northrop Grumman, currently the most upcoming military aircraft in the world. She has grown up as an Asian-American in Mexico, the multicultural aspect has guided her through the lenses of different views. This has helped her in her Model United Nations experience in which she participated 5 years in. Sally has won three different awards in Model UN, two in Best Delegate and one in Honorable Mention. She has also supported Greengates School in Mexico City to host their first conference and sat as a Secretary General in her committee. Sally’s passionate about public speech and debate, where she wants to help children become better debaters. Sally speaks English, Korean, and Spanish.

About Coach Assistant Ms. Audrey Enbom :

Audrey Enbom is part of the class of 2025 at Santa Monica High School where she enjoys primarily STEM related subjects, specifically finding great interest in immunology and virology. Audrey has three years of consecutive experience in Mock Trial, where she was selected three times to be one of the six members of school competitive team. Since 9th Grade, she has annually attended the summer Rosetta Institute of Biomedical Research program at UC Berkeley. Outside of school, she likes listening to good music, watching movies, and reading non fiction books. As an ICEA volunteer, she is excited to help and uplift others.


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