Pre-Algebra Math Camp

Class Instruction

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“Pre-Algebra Math Camp” is a program sponsored by I.C.E.A. Incubator for Kids*.

Class Description

Pre-Algebra Math Camp will cover the geometry part of the Art of Problem Solving: PreAlgebra textbook. We will introduce students to shapes, lines, angles, and use them to solve word problems commonly found on math competitions like MathCOUNTS and AMC 8. Students will be assigned homework in between each class (~20 minutes per assignment) and will participate in competition training and Kahoots during class.

Target Grade:  4+


Books to prepare?

It is optional, but if you want to get more practices, you can purchase the book here.


Class Schedule

Monday & Thursday @7:30-8:30pm PT

2021-05-17 | Lesson 1: Square Roots

We will cover square roots, exponents, and learn about arithmetic rules.

2021-05-20 | Lesson 2: Introduction to Angles

We will learn about lines, planes, rays, and types of angles.

2021-05-24 | Lesson 3: Perimeter and Area

We will learn about polygons, angles in polygons, and solve word problems involving perimeter and area.

2021-05-27 | Lesson 4: Right Triangles

We will discuss right triangles and how to solve problems using the Pythagorean Theorem. We will also learn about special right triangles such as 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles and use their properties to solve word problems. 

2021-05-31 | Lesson 5: Quadrilaterals

We will introduce quadrilaterals like rhombuses, trapezoids, and parallelograms, and learn about their properties and the formulas for their areas. 

2021-06-03 | Lesson 6: Statistics

Students will be introduced to statistical techniques used to analyze data such as mean, median, and mode, and learn about the real-world applications and limitations of this information.

Price: $60 for 6 classes


  1. All registration is not refundable.
  2. The online class’s zoom link will be sent out after booking this camp successfully.

About Teacher Dora:

Dora is graduated from Harvard-Westlake and has been admitted by UC Berkeley. She has been a volunteer teacher on ICEA for more than 2 years. She initialized “Kids Can Code!” for all kids who want to learn coding and have fun with coding, which is a tech entrepreneurship program sponsored by ICEA Incubator for Kids. “Pre-Algebra Math Camp” is her another program sponsored by ICEA Incubator for Kids on behalf of ICEA Math Club.


* About  I.C.E.A. Incubator for Kids:

I.C.E.A. Incubator for Kids is the entrepreneurship program to help kids building up leadership and running non-profit business for other kids. For I.C.E.A parents, if your children has any educational program ideas, you can send the business plan to I.C.E.A. ( for a review.


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