ICEA Mandarin Musical Theater: Fantastical Planets

Veterans Memorial Building

Open Auditions

(free, reservation here)

Date/Time: September 10th from 3 to 5 pm

Place: Uruapan Room@4117 Overland Ave Culver City, CA 90230

Audition is not mandatory but highly recommended. During the audition, you can talk to Teacher Paula face to face, learn the story, pick out characters you like, and let Teacher Paula get to know your child’s personality and current abilities. Teacher Paula will assign roles accordingly. If your child is new to our program and can’t make it to the audition, please email a short video to, demonstrating your child’s current singing, dancing, acting, and/or Mandarin fluency level. Children can develop skills quickly over 15 weeks!


Production: Fantastical Planets [15 weeks]

Class Date/Time (Choose One, more details in below Schedule section):

  • Fridays@3-5pm PT; from Sept 16, 2022
  • Saturdays@3-5pm PT; from Sept 17, 2022

Dress Rehearsal: Sat., Feb. 4th

Final Performance:

Sun., Feb. 5th – (TBD, tentative Odyssey Theater)

Class Location:

4117 Overland Ave

Culver City, CA 90230 

Target Age: 5+


  • Classes Only: $799 / Student
  • Classes + Performance Fee: $1049 / Student  (Costumes and materials included. Tickets to the final performances are sold separately.)

Class Description:

This 15-week class will result in a full-scale theatrical production of Fantastical Planets (《奇幻星球》), an original and award-winning play directed by our teacher, Hancheng Yang(Teacher Paula). The final show will take place in a real theater with professional lighting, sound, sets, costumes, and props. This is a Mandarin immersion class and will be taught in Mandarin. In addition, your child(ren) will,

  • receive professional [training/instruction] in voice, rhythm, movement, improv, choreographed dance, and more
  • develop self-confidence by learning to express themselves creatively in a safe environment
  • make friends with other children interested in performing
  • establish trust and responsibility with fellow cast mates
  • explore talents they might not have known they had, and
  • have fun!

Original play Fantastical Planets | 原创剧本 《奇幻星球》

First performed in China in 2017, at Shanghai

Recipient of the first Prize of The Third International Children’s Musical Awards

Two children on Earth are surprised when their homemade rocket ship really takes off, leading them to meet a lost alien and decide to help it find its way home. Along the way, the three visit several planets, each with its own civilization with special characteristics and abilities. Through a language of hugs, the alien shows our Earth heroes and each planet’s citizens how to overcome differences by using love [instead of violence], and how to respect others. When the three reach the alien’s home planet, they must face their greatest adversary yet, and use all they have learned together, before the Earth children can return to their own home, having learned how to spread love and harmony.




Friday Team Saturday Team
Audition Sep 11 Sep 11
Week1 Sep 16 Sep 17
Week 2 Sep 23 Sep 24
Week 3 Sep 30 Oct 1
Week 4 Oct 7 Oct 8
Week 5 Oct 14 Oct 15
Week 6 Oct 21 Oct 22
Week 7 Oct 28 Oct 29
Week 8 Nov 4 Nov 5
Week 9 Nov 11 Nov 12
Week10 Dec 2 Dec 3
Week11 Dec 9 Dec 10
Week12 Jan 13 Dec 17
Week13 Jan 20 Jan 14
Week14 Jan 27 Jan 21
Week15 Feb 3 Feb 3
Dress Rehearsal Feb 4 Feb 4
Performance Day Feb 5 Feb 5


Musical Theater Photos


Previous Fantastical Planets Show Photos


Musical Theater Videos

Musical Theater@2022

Performance @2020 Lunar New Year Gala

Musical Theater@2019

About Teacher Paula

Teacher Paula graduated from Shanghai Music Conservatory. She is a famous chorus conductor and Musical Theatre director. She used to lead different chorus groups to win awards locally and internationally. She directed and produced a number of original musical theatres for youth and won the National Cultural and Creative Fund. She is also a founder of non-profit Music and Drama Development Center.


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