[Free] Mandarin Musical Theater Audition: New Ma Liang and the Magic Brush 《新神笔马良》

Garden Room

For kids who like singing, dancing or acting, You are welcome to join our free audition for the coming New Ma Liang and the Magic Brush 《新神笔马良》


Location: Garden Room@Veterans Memorial Building
Date/Time: Jan. 14th, 1pm – 3pm PT
4117 Overland Ave
Culver City, CA, 90230

During the audition, you can talk to Teacher Paula face to face, learn the story, pick out characters you like, and let Teacher Paula get to know your child’s personality and current abilities. Teacher Paula will assign roles accordingly. If your child is new to our program and can’t make it to the audition, please email a short video to info@icea1.org, demonstrating your child’s current singing, dancing, acting, and/or Mandarin fluency level. Children can develop skills quickly over 15 weeks!

About New Ma Liang and the Magic Brush 《新神笔马良》

This musical adds new twists to a classic Chinese story our kids have learned (or will learn) in the 3rd grade. Ma Liang uses his magical brush to create three new imaginary worlds, which are similar to the fairy tales, such as “Three Little Pigs”, “Snow White” and ”The Ugly Duckling!”

Why joining ICEA Mandarin Musical Theater

ICEA Mandarin Musical Theater programs will not only boost your child’s confidence in life and on stage but also give your child an opportunity to use Mandarin to communicate with others!

And the best part is, your kid(s) will be singing, dancing and reading their lines ALL in a Mandarin immersive environment!

Please check out previous musical “The Hundred Dresses” performed by ICEA Mandarin Theater group!



Bookings are closed for this event.
(Please go to My Account to upgrade to I.C.E.A membership to get booking open.)

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