Mandarin Musical Theater Class

Class Instruction

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Location: Culver City (90230)

Target Age: 6+

Class Description

12 weeks Mandarin Musical Theater classes from March 4th to June 3rd. At the end of this semester, there will be a performance in the classroom. Parents are welcome to enjoy the show. The final show will be on August, in a real theater.

What your kids will learn from Musical Theater:

  • Your kids will have processional training which includes voice, rhythm, music theory, movement, improv, and rhythmic dance.
  • Your kids will develop their sense of self and identity by having chance to be expressive and creative in a safe stage environment.
  • Your kids will meet tons of other kids who are passionate about music as well and expand their friendship group.
  • Your kids will learn responsibility by being part of a wider team which relies on each member to know their roles.
  • Your kids will develop their confidence by getting up on stage in front of a group of people.
  • Your kids can explore the talents they might not know they had.
  • Communication skills, co-ordination, fitness and lots of Fun!


The Hundred Dresses 《一百条裙子》


Wanda Petronski, lives way up in a shabby house in Boggins Heights, and she doesn’t have any friends. Every day she wears a faded blue dress, which wouldn’t be too much of a problem if she didn’t tell her classmates that she had a hundred dresses at home—all silk, all colors, velvet too. The children at Franklin Elementary don’t know what to make of this peculiar new girl with the strange accent. Soon Maddie, Peggy, Jack and their classmates make a game of teasing Wanda about her hundred dresses until one day she disappears from school, leaving just an empty seat where she once sat. As feelings of guilt overtake the children, Maddie and the others decide they must find out what happened to Wanda and make amends for the way they treated her. But is it too late? Based on the beloved Newbery Honor Book by Eleanor Estes, this acclaimed musical adaptation masterfully handles such topics as bullying, friendship and forgiveness. Packed with humor and filled with colorful characters and memorable songs such as “Bright Blue Day,” “Penny Paddywhack” and “Never Do Nothing,” The Hundred Dresses is a timeless tale that explores the bonds of friendship, the willingness to be yourself and the courage that it takes to stand up to others—even when you’re standing alone.



Week # Group A (Friday)

3:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm PT

Group B (Sunday)

1:30 pm ~ 3:00 pm PT

1 3/4/2022 3/6/2022
2 3/11/2022 3/13/2022
3 3/18/2022 3/20/2022
4 3/25/2022 3/27/2022
5 4/1/2022 4/3/2022
6 4/8/2022 4/17/2022
7 4/22/2022 4/24/2022
8 4/29/2022 5/1/2022
9 5/6/2022 5/8/2022
10 5/13/2022 5/15/2022
11 5/20/2022 5/22/2022
12 6/3/2022(Performance Show) 6/5/2022(Performance Show)



  1. The location address will be sent out in booking confirmation email as well as shown up in the top of this page.
  2. Mask might be required for the in-person classes based on pandemic status.
  3. All registration is not refundable.

Musical Theater Videos

Performance @2020 Lunar New Year Gala

2022 MV 《你笑起来真好看》

2022 MV 《梨花又开放》

2022 MV 《You are the miracle》

About Teacher Paula

Teacher Paula graduated from Shanghai Music Conservatory. She is a famous chorus conductor and Musical Theatre director. She used to lead different chorus groups to win awards locally and internationally. She directed and produced a number of original musical theatres for youth and won the National Cultural and Creative Fund. She is also a founder of non-profit Music and Drama Development Center.


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