[Global AirLearning Special Talk] Public Speaking Skills for Life

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Public Speaking Skills for Life


Speak in English

Target Audience:

Both Parents and Kids


6/4/2021 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm PT


Mr. Joshua Schulman will share his top tips for kids and parents on how to eliminate anxiety, understand eye contact and gestures, vocal variety, elocution, and delivery, organizing your speech, non-verbal communication, reading people, extemporaneous speaking and humor for real-life success. We will provide Q&A at the end of talk to answer questions about public speaking.

About Speaker Mr. Joshua Schulman

Mr. Schulman is an award-winning public speaker and founder of Schulman Communications Interactive, LLC. He is an in-demand kid/teen coach and world renowned International Corporate Trainer. He is a frequent presentation coach for
contestants on the popular television show SharkTank and has trained over 100 startups over the years.
In 2006, Mr. Schulman came in Third place in the Regionals for the World Championship of Public Speaking and has won over
40 speech contests in his competitive speaking career.


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