[Free Parent Seminar] Sharing your passion with kids: Backpacking with kids

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Backpacking with Kids: Wind River Range


Slides in English, Speak in Mandarin



4/3/2021 6:00 pm PST


Seminar Description

Sharing your passion with kids, and seeing them respond in wonder is an incredibly powerful motivator for parents. Have you dreamt of having an adventurous family lifestyle, but find that your busy daily schedules get in the way of that? This talk would unveil a wonderful family backpacking trip, in one of hidden gem in the American West. We will talk about route planning, gear selection, how to adjust your expectations with kids in the group and take a kid’s perspective along a tough backpacking trip. Bring your questions whether your are a first timer or seasoned hiker!

培养孩子和父母相同的爱好,不仅仅增加了亲子时光,也有助于父母更好的了解孩子,有更多机会进行有效沟通,从而和孩子建立更深厚的感情,进一步提升做父母的满足感与内动力。你是否也想过和孩子一起进山露营,深入接触大自然呢?风河山脉是美国落基山脉里鲜为人知的秘密,但这里是户外爱好者的天堂。本期讲座主讲人将会分享2020年夏天带领一家人背包徒步Cirque of Towers(塔圈)的经历。我们将讨论路线规划,装备选择,以及如何帮助小朋友更好地适应户外生活,领略大自然的魅力与神奇。

About Presenter: Dr. Andy Cai

Dr. Andy Cai received Ph.D. in Geophysics from Yale. He has started mountaineering since 2006 and climbed several peaks above 26000 ft as both team member and technical leader. He enjoyed climbing, backpacking, skiing, kayaking and fishing with his kids and dog.


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