2021 Math Competition Training Camp

Class Instruction

[More class instruction (such as Class Location or Zoom Meeting Info) will be shown here once booking successfully.]


The 2021 Math Competition Training Camp is for students who enjoy math competition and want to establish a good foundation of math competition and to be ready for participating in math competition like AMC 8, MOEMS, MathCounts.


  1. If you missed some classes, we will provide recording to you.
  2. If you don’t have an option to attend AMC 8 from your school and are interested in register AMC 8 with ICEA Testing Center (the competition date is between January 18-24, 2022), you can mention that in the comments when booking this camp, we will send an invitation link to you for the registration for free. (The registration fee is paid by ICEA).  

Targeted Grade:

5th Grade – 8th Grader

Topics covered:

arithmetic, algebra, counting, geometry, number theory, and probability

Class Schedule:

Weekly class @Sundays  Between 10/10/2021 – 1/9/2022 (8am – 9am PT) & assignment.

Excluding Following Holiday Weekend:

10/31/2021 (Halloween Break, No Class)
11/28/2021 (Thanksgiving Break, No Class)
12/26/2021 (Christmas Break, No Class)
1/2/2022 (New Year Break, No Class)

1/9/2022 (Mock Test)

Price: $120/10 Classes

(All Booking Proceeds will go to Math Club Fund.)


About Coach

Hayk is a twelfth grader from Armenia. He has won a silver medal in the IMO 2020. He is interested in mathematics, classical music and politics. He had been attending a music school for six years, playing the guitar. In his free time, he likes to discuss politics with my friends.


Bookings are closed for this event.
(Please go to My Account to upgrade to I.C.E.A membership to get booking open.)

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  1. Hi, I am interested to register my child for this camp however once paid the membership fees (as advised by the website) it is noted that the camp is closed for booking. Can you please kindly advise when will this camp open for registration? Can we still register for classes? Thank you

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