[Free] Minecraft Christmas Party

Class Instruction

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How do you plan to celebrate Christmas/New Year?

How about meeting with your friends and fellow Minecraft fans to build Christmas decorations and exchange Minecraft gifts?

How about playing fun party Minecraft minigames on custom Christmas maps?

We have our own server so the kids can play safe on it. At the end of all of that we will have a firework show, enjoy the sight, and sing Christmas/New Year songs together.



Materials needed

  • Pc or Mac
  • Minecraft Java edition and email and username.
  • Download Minecraft Launcher https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/store/minecraft-java-edition
  • Minecraft Version 1.8.9
  • Must be able to log in to server ( typhoonpvp.ddns.net ) 


Recommended Age 8 and up


About The Organizers 

Derek is a 12 year old student at Geffen Academy. He likes to read, play tennis and play Minecraft. He likes to play Minecraft so much that he built his own Minecraft server. On his server he sets up plugins and datapacks to customize Minecraft to make it more fun. Most of the Minecraft players from Geffen have played on the server. He coded a few Minecraft minigame plugins with Java. He hosted many Minecraft minigame events with his own custom plugin and at peak time had 11 players. He also hosts a weekly Minecraft building club and they have built some of the best maps on the server. He also hosted a Minecraft camp called PyWorldCraft through ICEA.


Albert is a 10 year old and a student at Broadway Elementary. He likes to read and play minecraft. He plays in a weekly minecraft building club and has built over 10 maps. He is also a member of the cub scouts pack 461. He has been at the Midway aircraft carrier and had a sleep over there with all of his cub scouts. He loves Legos and has been in Jr. First Lego League for 3 years.



Bookings are closed for this event.
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