Kids Can Code: Making Games In Java

Class Instruction

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“Kids Can Code” is a program hosted by a junior at Harvard-Westlake School and sponsored by I.C.E.A. Incubator for Kids*.


Class Description

Java is an extremely powerful object-oriented programming language that’s commonly used in websites, mobile applications, and scientific research. It’s a great language for beginners to learn as its object-oriented and simple to understand, as well as super easy to read. In this course, students will cover the basic principles of computer programming and learn about Java syntax, classes, variables, operations, and functions. 

Target Age: 7-13



Week 1 (9/13/2020): Introduction to Computer Programming: Java Variables and Operations

Week 2 (9/20/2020): Booleans, If/Else

Week 3 (9/27/2020): While and For Loops

Week 4 (10/4/2020): Java User Input, Arrays and ArrayLists

Week 5 (10/11/2020): Java Classes and Objects

Week 6 (10/18/2020): Final Project


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About Teacher

Ruoshan is a junior at Harvard-Westlake School that is passionate about the intersection of computer science, entrepreneurship, and biomedical research. She is the only high school intern at the Kuhn-Hicks Lab of USC, where she uses machine learning algorithms and single cell microscopy to research cancer cell morphology and gene alteration. She is the co-founder of innovaTEEN, an online platform dedicated to supporting high school entrepreneurs by helping them connect to potential business partners. Ruoshan is also the co-CEO of Whistle, an app that serves as a support system for sexual assault victims by connecting them to hotlines, shelters, and online support forums. At school, she is the president of Girls Who Code, Red Cross, Best Buddies, and HW HOSA, Consulting Director for HW Venture, and a Features Editor for the Pacemaker-winning Harvard-Westlake Chronicle.


* About  I.C.E.A. Incubator for Kids:

I.C.E.A. Incubator for Kids is the entrepreneurship program to help kids building up leadership and running non-profit business for other kids. For I.C.E.A parents, if your children has any educational program ideas, you can send the business plan to I.C.E.A. ( for a review.


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