Kids Can Code! – Scratch

Room B


Class Description:

Kids Can Code! – Scratch” is an 8-week program targeted towards elementary school students from the ages of 6-7.

Students will learn Scratch, a block-based programming language that serves as a precursor to the more advanced languages of Java, Python, and Swift.

By the end of the program, students will be able to code their own games, videos, stories using Scratch, and will also develop entrepreneurship skills through brainstorming workshops, in which they will create business proposals and ideas. The program will culminate with a Hackathon, where students will use their new programming skills to create a prototype of their business plans.

Targeted Age: 6 ~ 7

Requisition: Laptop or iPad (any device that can code on)


✔2020-01-26 | 3:00pm ~ 3:45pm | Room C

✔2020-02-09 | 3:00pm ~ 3:45pm | Room B

✔2020-02-16 | 3:00pm ~ 3:45pm | Room B

✔2020-02-23 | 3:00pm ~ 3:45pm | Room B

✔2020-03-01 | 3:00pm ~ 3:45pm | Room B

✔2020-03-08 | 3:00pm ~ 3:45pm | Room B

✔2020-03-15 | 3:00pm ~ 3:45pm | Room B

✔2020-03-22 | 3:00pm ~ 3:45pm | Room B


Class Room:

Room B
4117 Overland Ave
Culver City, CA, 90230

(The instruction of setting up coding device will be sent out before the first class.)


Bookings are closed for this event.
(Please go to My Account to upgrade to I.C.E.A membership to get booking open.)

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