[Free to Register] Qualification Tournament for #ChessConnectsUs Championship

#ChessConnectsUs Championship is a special global chess event held as part of GM Judit Polgar’s Global Chess Festival on October 14, 2023 (More details can be found here). As one of chess organizations, ICEA Chess will orchestrate an internal qualification tournament aimed at determining ICEA Chess’s representatives for the international competition. The tournament will encompass two distinct sections: an open section and a scholastic section, the highest-ranking player from each section, as well as the leading female participant, will secure nominations to partake in the esteemed Global #ChessConnectsUs Championship.

Pre-Registration & Guidelines

    • All ICEA members including ICEA Chess Team, students who ever participated in ICEA Chess group lessons or ICEA Workshops, are eligible for cost-free pre-registration for the tournament.
    • A chess.com account is essential for pre-registration, as the tournament will be conducted through this platform.
    • USCF ID is not required.
    • Participants will receive an invitation to join a Zoom meeting for the tournament. Turning on the camera during the event is obligatory, and participants will be supervised by a Tournament Director (TD).
    • The scholastic section exclusively accommodates players of school age. Participants in this section are required to furnish their school name and grade information. 
    • The specific tournament format will be determined by the number of pre-registered chess players.
        • If the number of participants is below 10, the Round Robin format will be adopted, allowing each player to compete against every other player once.
        • If the number of participants falls between 11 and 20, the Swiss System will be employed for 7 rounds.
        • In the case of participants numbering between 21 and 40, the Swiss System will be utilized for 9 rounds.
      • If the number of participants exceeds 40, the initial stage will involve a 9-round Swiss System. Subsequently, the top 8 participants will advance to stage 2, where a Round Robin format will be applied.
  • Pre-registration form is here. The deadline of registration is Sept. 15, 2023

Time Control

3+2 (Game in 3 minutes with a 2 second increment from move 1)


Open Section (Tentative):  Sept. 15th (Friday) @ 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Scholastic Section: Sept. 16th (Saturday) @ 9am – 12pm


Chess.com (online)

(The event url link will be sent to all registered player before the tournament)

Entry Fee



  • Top Player + Top Female of each section will be nominated to represent ICEA Chess to participate #ChessConnectsUs Championship Finals
  • Chess.com Diamond Membership
    • 1st: 3 months
    • 2nd: 2 months
    • 3-5th: 1-month

Registration Deadline:

Open Section: Sept. 14th, 2023

Scholastic Section: Sept. 15th, 2023

Pre-Register Online

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