Angela Huang

Angela Huang is a 10th grader attending the Orange County School of Arts. She studies in the film conservatory with a passion in making films that touch among the marginalized topics of mental health of the complex human mind. Beyond film, she has a passion for psychology and mental health which has made her create a club at school in which teaches people about concepts of psychology. She also has formed and is a president of a mental health for youth club outside of school which writes and releases newsletters every month while also educating people of the community about mental health struggles among the youth. What sparked her interest in psychology was her sport, figure skating. She is part of the Los Angeles Ice Theater team which is part of Team USA and also participates in national and international competitions.

I.C.E.A. Volunteer Experience:

  • [2023] ICEA Media Content Creator
  • [2023] ICEA Event Coordinator

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