Musical Theater for Kids

What your kids will learn from Musical Theater:

  • Your kids will have processional training which includes voice, rhythm, music theory and rhythmic dance.
  • Your kids will develop their sense of self and identity by having chance to be expressive and creative in a safe stage environment.
  • Your kids will meet tons of other kids who are passionate about music as well and expand their friendship group.
  • Your kids will learn responsibility by being part of a wider team which relies on each member to know their roles.
  • Your kids will develop their confidence by getting up on stage in front of a group of people.
  • Your kids can explore the talents they might not know they had.
  • Communication skills, co-ordination, fitness and lots of Fun!
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Teacher Bio:

Ms. Hancheng Yang

  • Graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, majoring Music Education.
  • Co-founder & Vice President of Shanghai Guanmei Music and Drama Development Center (上海市观美音乐戏剧发展中心).
  • Certified Orff-Schulwerk Specialist Teacher on Music & Dance with Dalcroze eurhythmics approach.
  • In 2017, Acted as Art Director and Leading Tutor of Shanghai International Spring Art Festival Drama Education Special.
  • Director of the musical “Flower Mulan”, which is the only language-speaking program at the opening ceremony of National Elementary and Middle School Students’ Film Festival.
  • Served as the general director for several Shanghai Elementary and Middle School art festivals, and coached the choirs to win the first prize of the Shanghai Chorus Competition for several times.

Ms. Ran An

  • Bachelor of Music Education, School of Music, Shandong Normal University
  • Master of Education, State University of New York
  • Experienced tutor of adult, young piano and children’s music.
  • Presided over the West Los Angeles Children’s Music Education Lecture, Junior Song and Dance Troupe, Fun Chinese and other courses, which are highly praised by parents and students.
  • Stage Director of the 2019 West Los Angeles Chinese Spring Festival Evening.