Math for Coding

Coding or programming is a practice to use a language to communicate with computer and let it do things for you. Regardless of what language you are using, the fun part will be how you are going to understand and interpret your problem to solve and find an approach to get there.

Although computer might be more and more intelligent, such as it can guess what you might like, it can mimic some voice to talk to you, or draw a picture like an artist, the fundamental is still the same, you need to know some discrete math to be able to let computer to understand you.

This class is to help kids preparing some math for coding, developing the reasoning skills by understanding logic, learning some algorithms to make things more intelligent and even knowing some fun math stories and history.


    1. Students need to bring his/her own laptop or tablet.
    2. Students will need to have their own gmail account for the communication and online homework.
    3. Although not required, students are highly encouraged to have some knowledge of arithmetic,  algebra ahead, thus this class might be good for kids from age 7 to 10.
    4. In order to have more fun, the students will be randomly grouped as teams to compete with each other in the class, so there will some team work in the class.
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