• HeadHunt
    HeadHunt is a minigame that was proposed by Evan and Albert. The plugin was coded by Derek and the maps were built by the club. You start the game by typing /yell and having people join the queue, then you all get teleported to the arena and start fighting each other. After each kill, you will get one head. The goal of the game is to get the most heads by the end of the timer on the scoreboard.

    Here are the google slides all about the game
  • Nian Battle

    The Nian battle is a custom boss that was created for Chinese New Year. You spawn the boss in with /startfight and it has multiple unique abilities that it can use to fight you, such as throwing blocks at you or launching you in the air. Based on the story, Nian is more vulnerable to fire and loud sounds so fireworks and lava will deal more damage to it. After you defeat the boss, it drops 600 gold blocks as your reward.

    The plugin was coded by Derek and the Chinese village we fought it on was made by the club.

  • Slush
    Slush in progress.
  • Hide or Hunt

    Hide or Hunt is a minigame that was created by some YouTubers who played it and uploaded it to Youtube. But the game download wasn't public so Derek coded his own version. When the game starts, you want to gather resources and build a base and hid your Beacon in it. The beacon is the thing that lets you respawn, without it, you cannot respawn when you die. After a while, you will try to go out and find other peoples bases and try to break their beacons. The last team with a beacon wins.

    It was used in multiple events to help students to socialize during the pandemic