Chess 4 Kids

Why Child Playing Chess:

Playing the game of Chess on a regular basis right from the childhood improves the learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of the child. Chess makes the child learn how to strategize aspects of the game and life. In addition, a child can also learn the importance of foresight, and planning. Children playing chess from an early age exhibit extraordinary memory skills. Chess also helps in improving concentration and academic performance of the child.

–  from Atousa Pourkashiyan (Woman Grandmaster)

About Atousa Pourkashiyan:

I was born on May 16th, 1988 in Tehran, Iran. I began playing chess at the age of 8. During my chess career I have achieved many titles and won various prestigious chess events. Some of my best achievements are as follows:

In 1999, I won the Asian youth championship in India. In 2000, I got gold medal in world youth championship in Spain. At the age of 14 I became a woman international master (Slovenia-2000). At the age of 18, our team won a bronze medal in Asian Games (Qatar 2006). I became a Woman Grand Master in chess Olympiad (Germany-2008). In 2010 I won Asian Championship in Philippines and qualified for world cup in Russia. In 2014 became second in Asian Championship in Emirates. In 2016, got a bronze medal in Asian Championship (Blitz).

Beside Chess I studied in one of the best universities in Iran which is Tehran University and got my bachelor degree in physical education and sport science then I finished my master degree in Sport Management from the same university.